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Awesome Castles and Forts
Padmanabhapuram Structure:
Located at 54 kms from Thiruvananthapuram across the boundary in TamilNadu's Kanyakumari section, the development nestles at the feet of the Veli Mountains. Designed during the 14 century it was known as Darpakulangara, but later in the 1700s it was remodeled and relabeled as the Padmanabhapuram development. A position of intricate wood, it was the conventional chair of the Travancore kings Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma until the investment was moved to Thiruvananthapuram in 1780. It contains artefacts of conventional and creative value.

Kaudiar Palace:
This development is the property of the overdue Maharaja Sree Chitra Thirunal Bala Rama Varma and his household. The perspective of the large old developing from the checkpoint is fantastic, but unforunately it is off boundaries to the community. If you are fortunate, you could probably move a few actions within to get a better perspective offered the checkpoint owner is helpful enough.

Anchuthengu Fort:
Located 36 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, the ancient continues to be of the ft built by the British Eastern Indian Company in the 17 millennium and an connecting graveyard are the well-known artefacts of this first significant British dealing position on the Malabar Shore. This heavy monument was once the dealing position of the awesome British. The monument internal the 19th century appears as an outstanding example of durable and long lasting fortifications designed in the British design.

Koyikkal Palace:
Classified as a twice storeyed ‘nalukettu’, Koyikkal Structure was the formal property of the of the kings of the erstwhile Condition of Travancore. This conventional development, located 18 km from Thiruvananthapuram on the way to Ponmudi hillstation and the Kuttalam falls, goes back to the Fifteenth millennium. In1979 this Structure was announced as a secured monument and further in 1990 after undertaking recovery work, it was become a Tradition Art gallery and Numismatic Art gallery.

Famed Museums
Napier Museum:
The museum contains a excellent selection of Kerala's bronzes, decorations and contumes, and a design of "Tharawad'-the conventional Nair house.

Kuthiramalika Structure Museum:
Kuthiramalika Structure Art gallery, a conventional sample of Kerala Structure is located in 'Kuthiramalika'. The development, with its fantastic styles and amazing structural styles, is by itself a piece of history. The museum has a variety of displays comprising the erstwhile state of Travancore.             

Science & Technological innovation Museum:
The Technological innovation and Technological innovation Art gallery, located in Thiruvananthapuram was founded with the excellent purpose of establishing up of exhibits with working, cartoon or participatory type of displays, on all professions of Technological innovation and Technological innovation.

Alluring Seashores           
Veli Vacationer Village:
The apparently couch potatoes piece of drinking water that supported away from the exposure reverberant sea provides a common idea of the well-known backwaters of Kerala. Located near the flight terminal this well-known eat outside identify provides designed backyards and water-sports features.Pedal vessels, rowboats, and motored vessels are available.Children in particular have a lot of fun and play ascending over the large art forms, which dot the surroundings, and driving a boat.          

Sankhumugham Beach:
Located 8 kms from Thiruvananthapuram town, the Shankhumugham Seaside is a preferred bother of sundown viewers. The beach is close to the Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Veli Vacationer Town.the 'Matsya Kanyaka', a large 35 m long statue of a mermaid and a eating place formed like a starfish are the significant destinations here.          

Varkala Beach:
Varkala is a sea side hotel, as well as an important Hindu hub of pilgrimage. A great cove with wealthy nutrient raises increase majestically from the shoreline. The 2000 year old Janardana Swamy Forehead and the Characteristics Centre are the two main destinations here. Located 55 kms northern of Trivandrum with uncommon area structures, Varkala beach does has not many guests. Cliffs, 3 miles of glowing bright beaches, the red ground of the hilltop and grape plants makes it exclusive. The beach known as  Papanasam- an excellent position, for Hindus to praise their forefathers.