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Kodaikanal is the most wonderful and well-known mountain place in Tamil Nadu. It is in the well-known Palani Mountains in European Ghats and is known as the Queen of mountain programs. Kodaikanal is located about 7, 200 toes above the sea level.

Kodaikanal is the most well-known honeymoon vacation location in Southern region Indian because of its panoramic elegance and it has the feature to keep any characteristics sweetheart captivated by its appeal.

The concept Kodaikanal means present of the woodlands in local terminology. The heavy woodlands with many types of plants, the huge stones in the forests and the wonderful falls, makes it a real present for the visitors viewing this place. Kodaikanal is well-known for eucalyptus oil, home made sweets, apples and pears. Kodaikanal is well-known for the kurinji - blossoms, which blossoms only once in 12 years. Wool outfits is available at less expensive prices in the Tibetan refugee bazaar.

There are many globally well known universities like Kodaikanal Worldwide institution, Kodaikanal Religious Higher education etc, in and around Kodaikanal. Mom Theresa School, which is India’s one and only ladies university, is located in Kodaikanal.

A vacationer can engage in various actions - one can go for bicycling, driving, enjoying water sports, going and many more daring actions. Kodaikanal is affected with Religious lifestyle and the art forms in the chapels of Kodaikanal are worth a check out.

All types of food and nice accommodations in all prices are available in Kodaikanal for a relaxed stay.

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